Living Well

Seek Wise People, Not Wise Words

If you Google search "wise quotes", in about 0.07 seconds you can find 46,400,000 results. Anything from Plato, Buddha, and Confucius to Jimmy Hendrix and Eisenhower.

The Journey Only Begins

I've always thought the best movies were the ones that had the hero dying at the end. The tale finishes with the fade to black and we are left with a sense of closure, with the satisfaction of knowing that the hero went out like a flame, fighting until the very end.

What Makes a Life Meaningful?

I guess this is going to be the question that I will ultimately be trying to answer for my Senior Thesis, and what a way to try to culminate my experience at college. But the way I figure it, why not go for that question?

A Friendly Reminder

Cancer. I overheard someone this morning talking about a relative who had been taken off treatment as it was inevitable the cancer was going to soon take her life.

The Difference Between a Person with Good Habits and the Truly Virtuous

I have this nasty habit, and if human nature be similar, I suspect you may have it too. You see, whenever I walk into our out of a building and someone is close behind, I have this horrible tendency to actually stand there holding the door in an attempt to let the same person through with minimal work needed to open the door.

Take Your Time

Patience is a virtue, but not always. You see, there are just some times when quickness is hailed supreme, especially when considering decision making.

Enjoying Being Alone

I believe the biggest motivator that drove me to the study of philosophy is that horrible feeling I used to have while lying awake at night looking at the ceiling. My professor, Dr. Eugene Rice has told me once before that everybody is a philosopher but not everyone realizes it.

Pruning Yourself of all of the Unnecessary

The ancient thinker Lao Tzu is known for having attempted to describe the correct way of living. This "way" is literally called "the way," or the Tao (there are many alternate spellings for both Lao Tzu and the Tao).

Choosing Your Path Knowingly

In order to achieve a happy life, a rational person must be able to take responsibility for himself. What this means is that a person should be able to know the ins and outs of who they are, what they are going to do, and why they are going to do it. Of course this is just in the realm of decision-making.

An Inquiry into Gaining Schedule Equilibrium

It is often the case that we end up becoming so involved with something that it becomes part of our lifestyle. And this particular thing becomes so engrained within us that to think ourselves without it would be absurd. This is because as humans, as part of life, we have a knack for adaptation.


Perspective is a word that can be used in many different ways. This is because the idea of perspective itself can deal with the greatest of objects to the most miniscule. It deals with not only the senses, but the realm of ideas, philosophy, attitude, perception, and values.

The Development of the Individual

There are two key aspects of a person's life: The world as it is and the person's relationship with it. The world represents things that are beyond our control, things outside of ourselves while our relationship represents what our reactions are to these things or surroundings.

Try and Try

It seems that no matter how hard I work on my body I'm always forced to battle an injury. No matter how fast I get I'm always slow. No matter how long I wait, I realize I must wait longer.

Escaping Pain

As a person on this earth I am constantly searching for something to fill the void inside me. Constantly searching for happiness I guess. And I always thought everyone else was doing the same. Finding their own form of it. But I was wrong.

Damn Me

The great master and "philosophizer" Bruce Lee once said, "I am the cause of my own ignorance." This remains one of the best quotes I've ever heard, not only because Bruce Lee is the man, but because it is one of the truest qoutes I've ever heard.


I was sitting in class the other day, when our teacher started to give us information on scholarship oppurtunities. Now I usually don't listen to these but one particularly grabbed my attention. The contributors called for the students interested to write a paper or essay on the hardships they've faced.

Mistake Justification

Everyone makes mistakes. But only a chosen few are able to understand and grow from them. All the rest? ...It's not there fault. The weather was bad. They weren't feeling very well. Their too busy coming up with a justification or excuse for their faults. Why is this?

Don't Be Content

look around all the time and see people that have stopped growing. And when I use the word "growing," I don't mean physically. They reached a point to where they no longer need to learn anything, see anything, or do anything different than what they're used to. In short, they've become content.

Let It Flow - You're Natural Movements Allow for Genuine Action

Next time your walking down the sidewalk, think deeply about the motion of your walk. You'll quickly find yourself carrying out this small task with the utmost of awkwardness. You won't be able to remember how you normally walk.

The Tough Questions: Good and Evil

The subject of good and evil is one that pervades many religious, philosophical, and even lawful discussions around the globe.

The Best is Yet to Come

Are you ready to accept it? Are you ready to accept one of the greatest challenges in life? That is, to realize that you have so much more in yourself, so much more potential that it would be absurd for you to do anything but achieve it.

New Frontiers

I've recently come up with a new idealology when training, or making some sort of program. This idea is not original and really isn't all that fantastic when it comes down to it, but it's the application that is hard.

What Does It Take to Understand You're at Fault?

I recently met up with someone in one of my college classes over this weekend. Don't know him, just recognized him and chatted for about a minute. The conversation was about the test that we'd had in the class a day earlier.

The Tough Questions - Happiness

There are many questions that face us everyday. What to eat, what to wear, what to do. While these do have there place in our lives, its the tough questions that we should use most of our energy to explore.

What's Ailing You?

Many have attempted to discover what ails us as humans. What is it that keeps us from achieving our potential? What is it that keeps us from being happy?