New Frontiers

I've recently come up with a new idealology when training, or making some sort of program. This idea is not original and really isn't all that fantastic when it comes down to it, but it's the application that is hard. The idea is simple, train your weakness. That's it. Article done. Sign the name and end the blog.

The thing is though that this idea, while seemingly simple, can open up new frontiers of improvement for you, and not only in the realm of physical fitness. It can apply to anything. The idea behind the idea is to find what is holding back and expend all your energy on fixing it.

This isn't easy though. Sure you can probably guess what is holding you back on some things, but the important things are still shrouded in mystery. You can't fix what you don't know is broken. A quote from Bruce Lee is, "If I knew the cause of my ignorance I would be a sage." If you know what's wrong you can fix it. My advice for this is to start with the little things. Find out why your not scoring as high in class as you could be and fix it. Find out why you don't seem to get enough sleep. Find out about these things and all of the sudden the large things may start coming into focus.

There's another dimension to this though. If you know what's holding you back, why aren't you fixing it? If you can see your goal on the horizon why not start walking towards it? The most likely answer is the idea of your comfort zone. We like to stick to what we know, because we feel we may have some control over the situation, we feel we know what to do if things go bad.

It's time to leave though. It's time to set out on that new frontier where your goal is waiting. You should never be sitting still. You may hate leaving what you know, but you will always have control over yourself, and in reality that's all you've ever had complete control of.

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Anonymous Says :
October 9, 2007 at 5:39 PM

The way you write is amazing. (For once) I have nothing to add, other rock? haha

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