Don't Be Content

The following was originally written on June 13, 2005.

I look around all the time and see people that have stopped growing. And when I use the word "growing," I don't mean physically. They reached a point to where they no longer need to learn anything, see anything, or do anything different than what they're used to. In short, they've become content. They've fallen into a comfort zone that provides everything they need.

I have fallen into this zone before and it was the worst time of my life. Everyday was the same. There were no challenges, no obstacles that I had to face. I almost just seemed to float through the day as if it were a dream. I had an emptiness inside that wouldn't and couldn't be satisfied. That's when I decided it. I would refuse to be content with myself, my abilities, and my character.

I look around and see zombies. People that would go to their grave the same person they were today. But I won't have that. I intend to go to my grave a better person than that is sitting here this moment. Everyday I must continue the journey I set out. I may visit a few villages here and there but inevitably must continue on. Many adventures and trials await me to test my limits.

So I tell you, don't be content with the person you are today. Continue to "grow" and continue to learn.

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