Damn Me

The following was originally written on May 29, 2005.
The great master and "philosophizer" Bruce Lee once said, "I am the cause of my own ignorance." This remains one of the best quotes I've ever heard, not only because Bruce Lee is the man, but because it is one of the truest qoutes I've ever heard. Each man has complete control over his own mind and body (given you don't have any detrimental psychological or physical illnesses).
Then why doesn't every man or woman able have the physique or goals they wish? Because somewhere along the way they allowed themselves to be swayed by their own minds. They listened to the side of them that likes being in the comfort zone they've come to love, the side that requires no pressure because if you don't try to be great, there can be no failure.
Well to me, a person trying something and actually working at it and failing, is ten times greater than the guy standing there watching, saying to himself, "I probably could have done it." Just by not trying his hand at success, he had already failed, failed himself. He allowed himself to be content with mediocrity.
I sometimes have to tell myself, "Damn me," to realize and remember that if there was something I really wanted to do and didn't, I only had myself to blame. Because to be quite frank, no one can stop you from doing anything you want, unless they kill you. No one has the power to say stop lifting weights, stop working out, stop having fun, and you must comply. No one. And if your already thinking of people, stop making excuses. Do what you must to be happy, take a little time extra for yourself and don't pass at a chance to be successful because your afraid of failure, or worse yet, of what people will think of you.

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