Mistake Justification

The following was originally written on July 22, 2005.

Everyone makes mistakes. But only a chosen few are able to understand and grow from them. All the rest? ...It's not there fault. The weather was bad. They weren't feeling very well. Their too busy coming up with a justification or excuse for their faults. Why is this?

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable, but this happens often in our lives. We have to make tough decisions. A mistake is only another step to your goal, albeit a higher and tougher step, but you move on, learn and grow. Only most people are willing to shift the blame onto something else. It wasn't there fault. But the problem is they're just denying themselves a greater learning experience. Something which can help them to become a greater person.

So you made a mistake. Big deal. Only fools dwell on the mistakes of others. Introspect on your own life and tell me if you've been the person to shift the blame on others or the hero who realizes his own faults and not only learns from them, but corrects them.

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pianomanda Says :
December 21, 2007 at 7:04 PM

Mistakes always seem like a huge deal at the time, in the moment of the ordeal. But in retrospect, the main thing we always remember is what we gained from the experience, and rarely the mistake itself. I would definitely say that the mistake post and the growing post go hand in hand; they fit together perfectly. We grow from each mistake. In fact, we almost wouldn't grow at all if we never did make mistakes. But, we are humans, which counts us both lucky and cursed. We will always make mistakes. We will always be given opportunities to grow, and thus perfect chances to better our character, determining who we will be.

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