The Best is Yet to Come

Are you ready to accept it? Are you ready to accept one of the greatest challenges in life? That is, to realize that you have so much more in yourself, so much more potential that it would be absurd for you to do anything but achieve it. It's something that while so motivational to believe, can also scare a person. It can scare you because you know what it takes. You know what it takes to achieve all that potential. Work. Hard, bloody, never-ending, grueling work.

It's something that you must live by, something that you must realize everyday, that you always have something left in the tank, something left to give. You must believe that the greater you is always waiting around the corner, even if when you turn the corner you find another.
This is so important because its the only way you can reach your goals, your dreams. If you believe you've reached your pinnacle, you've stalled, you've stopped your growth, you've stopped walking along the path. The goal though can only be achieved by walking the path, further and further.
There is an easy word to define this: Humbleness. To be humble is to realize your accomplishments, but not be satisfied with them, because your best is always yet to come. Your best is something your always working towards but never reach, because when you think you've reached the highest mountain you find out it only allows you to see a higher one.
But once you see the next mountain, the only thing you can do is start climbing, because the best is what you're after, and its all that will satisfy you.

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