Escaping Pain

The following was originally written on July 28, 2005.

As a person on this earth I am constantly searching for something to fill the void inside me. Constantly searching for happiness I guess. And I always thought everyone else was doing the same. Finding their own form of it. But I was wrong.

It seem there are two kinds of people on this earth. Those who are searching for happiness...and those who seek to escape pain. But what could be the difference between those? Alot, actually. My coach tells the team once in a while that we should go try to win, and not try to not lose. When you try to win, you put everything you have into it, so that you may win. When you just try to not lose, you just do what's needed to get by, the minimum of what is asked of you.

The same can be said in this dilemma. People searching for happiness will continue searching for this cause. People seeking to escape pain and suffering will try but soon realize it's harder than they thought and eventually give up. They don't have the hope they need to continue on. But that's the simplicity of it all. It's all their choice. The world is how you percieve it.

Are you going to choose to wait around hoping happiness will find you, or are you going to have one hell of a journey reeling it in?

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