5 Ways to Increase Your Learning Capacity

Increasing your personal capacity for learning is a complicated thing. Learning things tends to be be very situational; the protocol draws on the facts relating to the precise circumstance. The question, "Well how can I learn better?" is usually responded with "Well what are you wanting to learn?"

As such, finding generalized ways of increasing learning capacity is difficult. One must be careful not to describe one way of learning for everything. Here, though, are five ways of increasing your capacity for learning. With these ways, you can enhance learning no matter what it is.

1.) Become Healthier

This one is easy. A person who has the energy to learn is more likely going to learn better than the person who stayed up all night on a drinking binge at their buddy Ted's house because it was the third Thurs. of the month and cousin Phil was coming into town and wanted to be shown a good time. Having your sleep and daily activities in order will help your body keep up its natural rythm. You will be able to stay more alert in the activities you are wishing to learn from.

2.) Have a Passion for Learning

Learning is the way by which you come to understand yourself, others, and the world around you. Without it, you would not be able to take on harder and more fulfilling challenges which will create a wholesome life. It's important then to see just how much of an impact learning in general has for you. Having a passion for this tool will help you take advantage of it. You will not suffer through new experiences, but instead face them with joyous determination, ready to learn anew.

3.) People are Goldmines for Learning

Everyone has their interests; the things that they believe it is wholesome for them to invest them. Likewise, through their personal passions, they have come to learn things in areas you know nothing about and they have different perspectives on things you thought you knew about. Merely talking with someone for half an hour can have a more profound impact than a 1000 page textbook.

4.) Seek to Understand at a Deeper Level

Too often we want to know everything and thus end up just skimming across the surface of every subject, merely learning bits here and there. Seeking to understand at a deeper level means seeing into the connectivity between subjects and the world in which they lie. Connecting things together means they will have more meaning to you when they arise in conversation, in problem solving, etc.

5.) Education is All Around You

Restricting education to schooling is like restricting sex to the missionary position; sure there's something happening there but your missing out on alot. Learning can occur anywhere and finally "understanding" something you learned in school usually entails some activity beyond it. Your job, social gatherings, etc. are all places where learning is most fruitful; where you can have life-defining moments.

These five tips are not in any way "fast." It takes time and lots of energy to devote to these things but doing so will allow for you to not only learn in a better fashion but also to have a more fulfilling life.

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