Finding the Idea Behind the Idea

It's no secret that we live in a very superficial, outward based society. Most of the time it seems as though people would rather look like something than actually be something. Worse yet, some people may believe that looking like something will make them something. This fact permeates movies, television, music, etc. Taking something or someone at face value is something that is prevalent at more categories than listed though, as it also reaches into the realm of ideas.

Ideas are very important things. They are the seeds of growth, and properly nourished they can sprout amazing things. Ideas sprout philosophies, religions, lifestyles, inventions, etc. Subscribing to an idea at face value though is a very dangerous thing. Why would you want the very defining philosophy of your life founded through an idea you failed to explore?

You must strive to find the idea behind the idea. To truly be able to apply things to your life, you must be able to use them in all aspects and all situations, therefore you must know the binding aspect of the applied thing. It goes back to old proverb of teaching a man how to fish. If you show him the idea behind the idea, you've broadened his scope substantially, he is now able to apply one idea to a plethora of situations.

This applies for all ideas. If you automatically subsribe to a religion because you heard a few things then your not building a very strong foundation. In reverse, if you become atheist just because someone told you God doesn't exist then you are also at fault. If you truly explore the ideas though and have a strong foundation for your beliefs, then you are on the path to wisdom.

There is a circular pattern to this plan of action, however. Once you find the idea behind the idea, you must move on to finding the idea behind that one. This trial isn't without reward though. If you continue on down the line, you will find yourself becoming more harmonious due to the fact that all of your actions stem from one firmly grounded efficient idea. You will have great consistency within your thoughts and actions. You will not be swayed easily by the constant flow of incoming opinions and beliefs but you will be able to explore them.

Ideas are not bad in themselves. Even a good idea can be distorted by those who don't truly understand it.


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