What's in a Name?

The saying "all must endure" is actually part of the lyrics to the song "Contagion" by Fear Factory. There are two reasons I like the saying. One, because I like that song (simple). Dos, because it's a saying that I believe has great importance.

Endurance is defined as "the ability or strength to continue or last, esp. despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina," but the idea of endurance itself goes miles beyond the notion that it belongs primarily to marathon runners with extreme aerobic capacities. Endurance can apply to any facet of life, from following your passions to upholding your responsibilities. It is both a physical and mental aspect.

So why is endurance important? In life you will become fatigued, you will be stressed, and you most assuredly will face adverse conditions. Endurance is always moving forward in light of these hardships. It is always growing from your challenges. Learning more and more as you go on, good or bad. Endurance is keeping track of yourself and being true to yourself through all the battles you face. Fail to do so and you will stall, your growth as a person will halt, and life is not frozen, it is always moving, always dynamic.

Facing our challenges head on though is what makes us stronger. It makes us strong enough to take on even greater obstacles on our journey and the small things won't affect us as much. Just like the runner strives for greater endurance to run even greater distances, as we grow we are able to take on even greater hardships, always moving forward.

So as you begin your journey, know that there will be trials. There will be tribulations. Know as well though, that when these things pass, you will be a greater individual, if you choose to be.

Stay true to yourself.


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