Recurring Themes to All Must Endure

Here on my blog you will begin to notice many recurring terms and ideas. That is, the idea of growing and the idea of learning. Even though I will try to vary in my writing, most likely I will bring everything back to these ideas. I believe its just that important. More importantly, the active participation of you to attempt to grow and learn.

What are the things you remember the best? The things others tell you or the things you discover on your own? As a child, your parents probably tried to tell you not to touch things that were hot. You probably listened, but by Zeus you didn't really understand the concept until you accidently did it yourself, then you made damn sure not to touch it again.

That's the point. I could sit here and type all day over controversial topics and tell you what to believe. I could rehash all the arguments about God's existence, ethical issues, political issues, and tell you that these are all right, but I won't. Mostly because I myself don't even feel I know enough about these issues so I'm not going to shove them down your throat.

What I will attempt though is to spawn thought on the many subjects. I'll attempt to get you to think deeper on a subject you thought maybe you knew everything about. If I've done just that one thing, I've accomplished something. And don't think this is just for the readers either. Sitting here typing, my own mind is active coming up with probable ideas and theories.

That's the intricate web of ideas. That's the Socratic Method. That is how we grow, by sharing ideas not opinions, by sharing premises not conclusions and attempting to understand these concepts actively.

You'll never understand how hot the sun is until you attempt to touch it.


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