About Enduring Learner

Who's Behind The Enduring Learner? My name is Mitchell Sahlfeld and I am a graduate of Philosophy at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. I was also part of the Track and Field team here as a thrower. My job here at the university was a teacher's aide/tutor for the General Logic class. This job allowed me to learn about education more in-depth; the amount of time that must be spent, the technology, the environment, and the students themselves. I have come to see the different learning styles, different personalities, and different perspectives that each student brings to the table.

I find myself most interested philosophically to the notion of human growth and learning. Most importantly I find these categories as most important to determining what the meaning of life must be. I endeavor to learn about these subjects not only for myself, but hopefully others will find them useful as well.

Why TEL?
I originally started this weblog in order to begin to take some responsibility for what I am studying, to come into my own in the larger picture of life. Writing in some form or another has been a passion for me and creating this blog allowed for this passion to be put to good use.

I find there are multiple aspects of writing for a website that are very practical. First, it allows for my ideas to be scrutinized and critically examined. While this may be a blow to my ego, a philosopher realizes that this is part of the game. "Fall down seven times, get up eight" as the old Proverb tells us.

The second is that it allows for seeds of ideas to be created not only within myself, but hopefully within others as well. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau also believed this to be a great aspect of writing:
...although my ideas may be bad, if I cause others to give birth to good ones, I shall not have entirely wasted my time. ~Emile, pg. 33

The final aspect I find exciting is that this blog will give me a chance to refine my skills as a writer. This is very important to me since writing is a passion of mine. Even if this remains a mere hobby, I hope the case may be that "I shall not have entirely wasted my time."

So, if you are reading this, perhaps you are interested in these subjects as well, and hopefully you will be able to read with the passion that I feel as I write.

Mitchell Sahlfeld